There will be more stuff here soon, but currently only the old X-Chat scripts are available to download.

X-Winamp 1.51
Size: 18.93 kb
Date: 10/Nov/2005
Downloads: 19771
The definitive Winamp announcer script for X-Chat 2.0

  • Works with Winamp 2.x/5.x and requires no plugins
  • Lets you define exactly how your announcements appear using templates
  • Display title, file size, bitrate, sample rate, channels, percent played, playback mode, length in various formats, arguments from your announce command, random colours, progress meters, the works.
  • Global announcement (announces in all channels - extensive filtering support so you can limit where your announcements appear)
  • Global announcement on track change
  • Audio file server so you can send people the track you last announced (supports slots and limits etc.)
  • Customize your own awesome ASCII art playback progress bar
  • Personalize each announcement using arguments. E.g. typing "/mp3" might announce you're playing the current track, but "/mp3 dancing to" might announce you're dancing to the current track.
  • All annoying messages can be turned off
  • Has very limited (and possibly broken) support for the old and obscure Winamp 3, which nobody uses any more.

Changes in this version:
  • Fixed global announcement rules (thanks Tweberis)
  • Added /ampdebug command to toggle debug output

Note to Vista/7 users: if you want to use the DCC server function you might need to add a line to the script's config file that tell it where to find Winamp's application data directory. Announce what you're playing using the script then search c:\Users\YourUsername\AppData for a recent winamp.m3u file to find where that directory is, then add this line to weevil-xwinamp.conf


X-Chat X-Winamp 1.4a (zip archive)
Size: 16.57 kb
Date: 07/Jun/2004
Downloads: 10809
1.5 is the latest version - this version is only for older X-Chat 1.x clients. Update your X-Chat! This version is so outdated.

X-Chat Stubloader 1.0 (zip archive)
Size: 1.56 kb
Date: 25/May/2004
Downloads: 8739
The main purpose of Stubloader is to allow you to load scripts that aren't in xchat's data directory automatically when xchat starts (otherwise you'd have to /LOAD them all manually) and also load whole bunches of scripts by recursively parsing directory trees.

X-Chat X-Away 1.4c (tar.gz archive)
Size: 16.40 kb
Date: 25/May/2004
Filename: away14c.tar.gz
Downloads: 12065
The definitive Away script for X-Chat.

  • Set specific autoresponses for people who PM you.
  • Remembers your away reasons as you change them, and can display a kind of timeline of away reasons when you return.
  • Sensibly changes your nick. You can have different nicks on several servers, which may have differing maximum nick lengths, and the script will handle preservation of your identity on each server, while making sure your away reason will fit in the allowed space without clipping. (It finds the max. allowed nick length from the server 005 message. If this is not given, it will check for the longest nick it knows of from the userlist on the current server and use that)
  • Exclude specific channels on specific (or regex-matched) servers from your away/back announcements
  • Complete customisation of away, back, and reason change messages.
  • Handles disconnection/reconnection due to network issues.
  • Perform (multiple) commands on away/back.
  • Does not set AWAY with server unless you want it to.

X-Chat X-Away 1.4c (zip archive)
Size: 17.17 kb
Date: 25/May/2004
Downloads: 9759
The definitive Away script for X-Chat. Zip file distribution, see tar.gz distribution for details.

X-Chat Stubloader 1.0 (tar.gz archive)
Size: 1.37 kb
Date: 25/May/2004
Filename: stubloader10.tar.gz
Downloads: 8897
Loads scripts that aren't in xchat's data directory automatically when xchat starts (otherwise you'd have to /LOAD them all manually). Can also load whole bunches of scripts by recursively walking directory trees.

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