Welcome to the Gallery
Here are some of my more recent pics. Operator and Survive are related to the All Your Base web craze that stems from the hideously translated introduction of the Genesis/Megadrive game, Zero Wing. There are a few pics people have actually asked me to do, like Beefproud, Giz and Sunny. The other stuff is just general fiddling, some of them are galaxy pictures for Planetarion

This is not everything, just a sample of some of the more interesting junk.

This bit of work was my galaxy picture in StarSphere, before I stopped playing. The biker is a Playmobil toy. The fire was done by drawing it with an airbrush then applying a 'fur' effect and adding colour through an extra layer blended using a dodge filter.
This image is the same as Beef (proud version) except that has more interesting text.

Running on Macrocosm 1.012 (Reitsch), rendered in 0.01s