CC Catch's Zone 66 Music
Blueoriontiger on the forums wanted the music from the 1993 PC game Zone 66, and here it is. The music was composed by Kenny Chou (aka CC Catch). What makes it special is that it used both the Soundblaster's FM/Adlib (OPL-2) chip and the DSPs at the same time when playing music, much like the old Sega Genesis console did (though that didn't have a soundblaster but used OPL-2 and some proprietary DSPs).

I've ripped the music by simply copying the various level musics over the game's menu music file, and recording the game output. Musics 1-4 are ripped in DOSBox. Musics 5-8 and 0 are ripped from the line-out of my old DOS machine (which has an SB Pro in it). The ones ripped in DOSBox don't sound quite as good as those from the real machine due to DOSBox's crappy adlib emulation.

I've also ripped the Gravis Ultrasound musics from the game using DOSBox (I have a real GUS Max but I couldn't be bothered with putting it in my DOS machine). I'm not sure whether they're correct -- they sound pretty lame compared to the soundblaster ones whereas they're supposed to be better. Oh well.

These will be uploaded to so they'll be available on Nectarine radio after the next update.

ID3 data for music4.mp3 -
MPEG version1 (layer 3)
Bitrate128 kbps
Sample rate44 khz

Running on Macrocosm 1.012 (Reitsch), rendered in 0.01s