Zone 66 Music
If you've come here for the Zone 66 soundtrack, Click here.

My music is like a road accident. It is atrocious, yet some sick people seem to be attracted to it.

There's not much more that needs to be said. Most of this stuff is done using a tracker (ModPlug, which is free).
I've acquired 4 (count them, four) dedicated fans, and several other people who say "hmm that's not awful". I am advised that they are not receiving care in the community.

If you're asking which one to download first, try Work In Progress or Every Waking Moment as everyone seems to say they're the best. Helpful and constructive criticism (like: "OMG you suck. Please stop doing this!") is always graciously received.

Requests for the original .IT, .S3M etc files
To my great surprise a few people have been asking about getting the music in it's original "tracked" form. I don't give it out, sorry. Here's my reasons:
  1. The file size is often larger than the MP3 version
  2. A lot of them use VST plugins that you might not have
  3. They're no good for learning tracking from. If you want to learn how to do it I suggest you go to and download some of the smaller tunes from there.
I'm prepared to offer up the samples though since they're mostly royalty free, if you want them then contact me. It'll probably involve you sending me a stamped envelope with your address on it and a blank CD, so I can burn them and send it back to you.

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TheWeevil - No Wires Left To Cut
Size: 7.85mb
Time: 5:42
Bitrate: 192kbps
Samples: 44khz
Genre: Club
More ID3 info
I was given a few samples by Uberfish who'd either made them or hacked them together like some sort of audio Dr. Frankenstein, so I had to put them to some sort of use. I quite like the result. Every minute is packed with one hundred and forty of the loudest beats, and each one brings you closer to the end of the track. Joy.

This is something of an epic, it starts badly, but it gets better, so stick with it.

TheWeevil - We Get Signal!
Size: 11.04mb
Time: 8:02
Bitrate: 192kbps
Samples: 44khz
Genre: Game
More ID3 info
This runs for 8 minutes.. probably making it the longest Zero Wing cover track ever created. This was put together on-and-off in just over 4 days. My first track entirely done in ModPlug Tracker, and my first opportunity to use a MIDI keyboard (which probably explains the short creation-time).
The original theme is composed by Tatsuya Uemura. Zero Wing (a sidescrolling shoot-em-up game by Toaplan) is famed for the ingenious redefinition of the laws of the English language that is demonstrated in it's introduction sequence on the Genesis/Megadrive version of the game. Download Gens and search for a Zero Wing ROM to discover the horror for yourself, and maybe better understand this cover.

Running on Macrocosm 1.012 (Reitsch), rendered in 0.01s