Zone 66 Music
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My music is like a road accident. It is atrocious, yet some sick people seem to be attracted to it.

There's not much more that needs to be said. Most of this stuff is done using a tracker (ModPlug, which is free).
I've acquired 4 (count them, four) dedicated fans, and several other people who say "hmm that's not awful". I am advised that they are not receiving care in the community.

If you're asking which one to download first, try Work In Progress or Every Waking Moment as everyone seems to say they're the best. Helpful and constructive criticism (like: "OMG you suck. Please stop doing this!") is always graciously received.

Requests for the original .IT, .S3M etc files
To my great surprise a few people have been asking about getting the music in it's original "tracked" form. I don't give it out, sorry. Here's my reasons:
  1. The file size is often larger than the MP3 version
  2. A lot of them use VST plugins that you might not have
  3. They're no good for learning tracking from. If you want to learn how to do it I suggest you go to and download some of the smaller tunes from there.
I'm prepared to offer up the samples though since they're mostly royalty free, if you want them then contact me. It'll probably involve you sending me a stamped envelope with your address on it and a blank CD, so I can burn them and send it back to you.

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TheWeevil - Quick Fix
Size: 2.77mb
Time: 2:25
Bitrate: 160kbps
Samples: 44khz
Genre: Rock
More ID3 info
This was not previously available on baxpace, but it's here now. It uses a sample from Pretty Maids - Eye of the Storm for the accoustic guitar (only the guitar, the bassline and drums and everything else are my own). I've never listened to more than the opening accoustic sample from that track, but I quite what I made of it.

TheWeevil - Airwolf
Size: 3.07mb
Time: 2:40
Bitrate: 160kbps
Samples: 44khz
Genre: unknown
More ID3 info
I saw a helicopter outside when going down to the petrol station at 11pm to buy Red Bull and peanuts and no petrol. It was flying in circles and had a big search light on the front of it and I felt quite disturbed, since a helicopter with a big search light on the front means something is lurking on the streets, and the safest place to look for it is 300ft up in a chopper. So - while hurrying swiftly back to the sanctity of home to a background of pattering rotor blades, fueled heavily by the aforementioned Red Bull and peanuts, I naturally thought of Airwolf. If you haven't heard of Airwolf then maybe you should go and jump off a bridge, because clearly you have learned nothing of crappy ancient 80's TV shows that featured helicopters with fluorescent lights on them To Make Them Look Cool And High Tech. Airwolf was Knight Rider in the sky. To cut a long story short, I made a version of the theme tune, and here it is. My limited research tells me the original is by Sylvester Levay.

TheWeevil - Smart Bomb
Size: 3.64mb
Time: 3:10
Bitrate: 160kbps
Samples: 44khz
Genre: Game
More ID3 info
More ghastly music for Shatter! - A game that was never finished (I was doing music and graphics for it, but the coder lost interest or the will to live). This is in the same style as One Up (below) but has no funky guitar riffs to make it worth listening to. This is supposed to be irritating background music and I think it pulls that off pretty well.

TheWeevil - One Up
Size: 2.25mb
Time: 1:57
Bitrate: 160kbps
Samples: 44khz
Genre: Game
More ID3 info
A fun short "dance" track for a game called Shatter! Knowing nobody else who'd do it for free, my friend decided he might as well prod me towards doing nasty little background musics and graphics for his game, so at least I'm doing this for a reason now. Heaven forbid I ever do it for money.

I did this in one evening. All original except that guitar riff (the coolest bit). But oh well. It was royalty free.

TheWeevil - Stormrunner Remix
Size: 6.46mb
Time: 4:42
Bitrate: 192kbps
Samples: 44khz
Genre: Industrial
More ID3 info
A remix of my Stormrunner track. I hate this remix, and I don't much like the original. When I saved the remix, I "accidentally" destroyed the original, but an MP3 of it remains. That MP3 is also available here, for the fanatics :/

TheWeevil - Extravehicular Activity
Size: 3.16mb
Time: 2:45
Bitrate: 160kbps
Samples: 44khz
Genre: Dance
More ID3 info
Extravehicular Activity, or EVA, is when someone goes outside a vehicle in space. This track uses two samples from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (radio series - in all honesty the only good things about the TV series were the animations and the clever 'virtual studio'-esque type things they did. And the books didn't match the radio one either.) without permission and BBC lawyers will no doubt soon be flooding to my contact page in order to explain this to me. If they do that, then that will fill me with incredible warmth that the BBC's famous Beasting People Department visited my website, and the samples will be replaced with some crap ones that say the same thing.

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